My Favourite Fashion Historical Figure

For those who know me, know that I love Egypt and everything that it represents. So if you were going you were going to ask me who my  Favourite Fashion Historical Figure it would be Cleopatra.

Fashion is all about drama and Cleopatra’s life was full of it, from her legendary affairs with some of the most powerful men of their time to her struggles to maintain influence as ruler of Egypt. Even Thousands of years after her death she still influence the modem world for women.

Despite a negative history of Cleopatra, her legacy still live on that has been the trend of most women in the world today, most important being the world of fashion. It was said that in her time she combined both Egyptian and Greek elements in a skill-fully manner creating seductive Egyptian fashions.  She has remained a substantial influence in the women style today.

Many years after Cleopatra, women are still using Cleopatra fashion that includes the popular smoky and heavily lined eye. Surprisingly, almost every modern woman won’t leave the house without make-up me being one of them.

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