L’oreal Super Liner Carbon



Another review I know but I had to talk about this new eyeliner I bought. I hope you all keep on reading. Enjoy!

L’oreal Super Liner Carbon gloss has to be one of my favourite from the “drugstore”. The eyeliner has to my very first when I was staring to wear it. Everyone of my friends were wearing it so I thought I would give it ago. However at 15 years old and entering my local Boots only finding out it was sold out was a nightmare. :/ It really started freaking me out at that age you were worried about what other would say if you didn’t have the say stuff well at least I was, anyway it was then my mum ordered it on boots online for me which I’m grateful for.

Now years on I’m still very loyal to products I really do like, I’m always repurchased the product again I’m one of those girls that love her eyeliner.

I love everything about this eyeliner especially the applicator, its really long, soft and spongy so it makes it so easy to do a flick, the pointed tip means you can get a nice thin yet at the same time you can make it thick if you wanted to. Its very black and glossy too. As far as I know its the blackest eyeliner from the drug store but don’t quote me.

The only downside to this is the fact I didn’t find that it lasted that long, so I had to do a quick reapplication.

If your looking for a cheaper eyeliner then I would defiantly recommend this one especially for beginners, but again its just my opinion how you all like what I had to say and look forward to reading your reviews.

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