La Maliceuse




It’s a phrase that we all love to hate, but a look we’re continually seeking to perfect. For those days when you’re not feeling a bright pop of colour, but still need that extra something on your lips before you’re ready to brave the day.  The quest for the perfect shade can be a long and can be expensive. I also wanted something with colour. I am just so used to wearing nude that it get boring, so I swatched many a lipstick which presented the perfect red/pink ratio which I liked but they didn’t have that edge to win me over.

After days of searching I eventually decided to stay away from the high-street, where budget prices tempted me in.

Chanel rouge allure velvet, Luminous Matte Lip Colour in the colour La Maliceuse has to be one of my high end buys but I love it. I bought it after weeks of thorough research, I’m pretty sure I read every review, watched every tutorial, and compared every swatch that the Internet had to offer.  For me I just think Chanel has to be one of my favourites. I love this lipstick, its a gorgeous shade, no blue tint. I can honestly so I didn’t have a gripe about this lip product.



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